Who We Are & Overview of MINEC


This is a one-stop platform for the promotion of Made-in-Nigeria brands, goods and services. A platform that seeks to consistently close the knowledge gap between the points of production to a successful market launch of the products as well as routes-to-markets globally. A platform dedicated to the promotion of Made In Nigeria brands, goods and services as well as products processed, manufactured and produced locally.

Building strong brands requires consistent capacity building,rade information, introduction of simple good corporate governance with relevant knowledge to SMEs for promoting locally made brands. Target audiences include - SMEs, Young Entrepreneurs, Traders, Artisans, Women, Agri-Business SMEs, Producers and Manufacturers especially those involved with Made-in-Nigeria goods. This is where our interest is. Our training, conferences, workshops and seminars across Nigeria is tailored towards them. We provide customized manpower development, mentoring and capacity building necessary in ensuring sustained desire to create things.

THE MINEC PLATFORM is an initiative of a Consortium of different technical partners with relevant skills in the development, establishment and management of Small and Medium Enterprises. Each Partner Representatives has over 15years practical experience with local and global exposures covering Manufacturing & Production; FMCG, Brewery, Franchising, Small and Medium Enterprises, Entrepreneurship Development; SME Content Development, Agri-Business, Branding, Marketing and Routes-to-Markets strategies, Product & Service, development of simple online-selling Applications that optimizes Social Media advantages in marketing.

The MINEC project aims at ensuring that participants “Go Beyond Their Limits” at the end of each session within the six zones that supports the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Policy in promoting Made-in-Nigeria goods. The MINEC Platform for example, seeks to bridge the gaps particularly on Made-in-Nigeria goods, brands, entrepreneurs, routes to markets, SMEs, Employees and the entire ecosystem to attract international patronage and partnership. Promotion of the real sector will increase foreign exchange receipt and create job within the economy.


Ensure made-in-Nigeria brands go “From Local, To Global”


Connect - Promote local brands via social media.
Support -Aid entrepreneurial development.
Train - Hands-on training and professional networking.


To provide adequate capacity building to SMEs that results to building strong local brands that meet international standards.


  • To boost the confident of the SW people in their bid to build, develop & sustain their Locally Made Goods.

Welcome to MINEC!